Monday, February 27, 2012

Freezer meals

We have been doing freezer meals a lot latley! Here are some of our favorite that we have done that freeze well! If you have any freezer meals that you have liked email them to us at


baked Ziti- Recipe HERE

this recipe is great! We make this monthly at our house.


recipe found HERE

There is not one person i know that doesnt love this recipe! Its a must try!

Taco Soup

Recipe found HERE

Freezer meals are great! They have become one of my favorite things to stock up on- There are a million great recipes out there- but we just wanted to share with you the ones that we have made and have turned out well.

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  1. I love doing freezer meals. Here is a post I made that has Freezer meals we did before I had my baby.


    At first I searched for recipes that were labeled Freezer Meals, but realized that a lot of my husbands favorite meals could be frozen without a problem. My favorites were alfredo sauce, Broccoli Risotto, and Mac & Cheese.