Friday, December 17, 2010

ENVY MY..... Christmas Tree!

Jenny had a great idea to post our Christmas trees this Friday and next instead of kitchens to envy.... so here is mine ( Karla) . It is a sage like green and chocolate brown. The brown ribbon going around is brown with white polka dots and most everything on it and the tree itself was from K mart ( Martha Stewart line) and we love it!!! I'm curious to hear your fun colors or themes you have this year..... leave a comment and let us know!


  1. We moved this summer so I felt like I had to "re do" our Christmas tree to "fit the new surroundings" - ha! Anyway, our tree is lime green and red. I used mesh ribbon as garland and lots of shatterproof ball ornaments from Walmart. Next year, I plan to add more whimiscal ornaments in lime green and red. My tree can be found at

  2. Mine is Red & gold.
    My favorite part is the cranberries I strung around the tree :)

  3. I went from a prim style to a silver decorated tree and love it...just sparkles!

  4. LOVE YOUR TREE. Soo cute:-)
    My tree, well, "trees" (I have three tiered ones, since our living room is too narrow for one big one); Red, Silver and White. LOVE IT! check it out on my blog I have pix posted there! :-) My theme this year is Vintage- Updated -Classic Christmas.