Thursday, November 3, 2011

Apple Pie

Hi Envy My Cooking readers! I'm Mallory and I blog at Classy Clutter!

I'm pretty sure I've found the BEST Apple Crisp Recipe! It is from the same cook book as my Salsa Recipe but since it isn't a mass produced recipe book, I thought I'd share it with you! It is ammmmaaazing! Seriously, I've made it like 4 times in the last 2 months! SOOO GOOD!

Let's get started!

For Apples:

I use 2 cans of Apple Pie Filling - found premade in a can in the baking isle of your grocery store!
1 tsp of cinnamon

For Topping:
2 cubes butter - softened
2 cups flour
2 cups brown sugar
1 cup oats

Place apples in a 9x13 pan and sprinkle with cinnamon

In a large mixing bowl, combine butter, sugar, brown sugar, and flour. Crumble topping ingredients and sprinkle over top of the apples. Like so...

Then bake on 350* for 35 minutes until golden brown and bubbly!

Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make this yummy treat over the top SCRUMPTIOUS!! This is by far my favorite dessert!

Try it out and head over to my blog and let me know what you think!

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  1. Ok, you talked me into it! I am making this, this weekend!!