Monday, August 8, 2011

corn on the cob......

With summer quickly coming to an end my husband and I figured we should do a few more summer meals to finish off the summer. If you have yet to have a good summer bbq we are going to share several summer time favorites we found and encourage you to plan one last bbq!

Check back throughout the week to make sure you don't miss anything!

bbq corn on the cob......

Take your ear of corn and place it on a large piece of time foil. Drizzle corn with about 2 TB olive oil, and sprinkle generously with SUGAR, SALT, AND PEPPER. Wrap the corn by folding each end tightly to try to avoid any oil from leaking. Place on your grill and cook alongside any main dish you are grilling ( about 20 min on grill).

I promise you will not regret trying this!


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