Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Envy My Find......

So my husband and I found a room that needed to be spruced up a bit..... we were not sure what the room needed to give it the style we were striving for. Then we came across AMERICAN beadboard..... not just any beadboard but a kit that included the baseboard and the chair rail as well. Beadboard that screamed gorgeous. Besides the beauty of it being real wood, it came with deep groves and the finish is flawless. My husband had fun putting it up and the end result is just amazing! After adding the beadboard and new towels we were motivated to keep going because our first project came out so well.......
and the pictures don't do any justice for any of our projects but we added a stencil to the top of the wall to finish the room off. I wish you could come piddle at my place because you would love the beauty of your surroundings :)
please forgive me for not being a good photographer at all!

American Beadboard is giving 5% discount for the promo code “envymykitchen” through April 30th.

So hurry go Purchase it now... CLICK HERE

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