Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Envy my Find

This week envy my find is brought to us by one of our very own Sponsors....American Beadboard.

First off let me say how much i am in love with beadboard. I could put it all over my house if possible! I was lucky enough to grab some of the Beadboard over at American beadboard. We got a complete kit. It came with the Baseboard, paneling, and the top railing! I was so shocked at how easy it was to actually put it up! I wouldn't have ordered my beadboard any other way. Its the best around
We have used the beadboard sold at Lowe's and Home Depot and have always been a little disappointed at the quality of the product. But not with American Beadboard, their product is amazing and really makes a room look perfect. The grooves are deeper, the materials are better and the installation is easier with the American Beadboard, I will never go back to cheap beadboard again!
Karla s husband came over and him and my hubby put it up in no time.
It really just adds so much more to the room! I painted it a light/deep green to give it a bit extra. I love how it all came together so nicely. what do you think???
More pictures to come soon of the finished bathroom along with Karla's project!

So please hurry on over to American beadboard. Check them out and register with them to receive info on their products...
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