Friday, December 10, 2010

Envy my Kitchen

Hi! My name is Diane. I consider myself a “jack-of-all-trades”, but a master of none. It seems I know just enough to get myself in to trouble. Thank heavens for the Internet and the blogosphere to help me get back OUT of trouble.

When I first saw what would become our current house, I absolutely fell in love with the kitchen. That was probably because the kitchen at our old house was horrendous. The new kitchen, though, was well built and had lots of beautiful cabinetry and hard wood floors! The love for my new kitchen lasted right up until I tried to find a color to paint the walls. I couldn’t figure out what color would work with the tiles. While I did eventually figure something out, the seeds of discontent had been sewn. I started noticing how the floors and cabinets were the same color, so it seemed like my kitchen was just one big wall of yellow wood. And I HATED that tile.

The house was new, though, so I told myself I couldn’t do any projects until the kitchen was at least 10 years old. By then, I figured, we would have gotten some good use out of the cabinets and tile that had been almost brand new when we moved in and I could go to town. In late summer 2009, the house was 9 years old and I’d had enough! I got some white paint and went to town on the cabinets. The new cabinets were beautiful (if slightly imperfect) and they made the old tile look awful. Clearly they had to go. After a bit of research, we decided to splurge on a granite slab and the transformation was amazing. I am so in love with my kitchen – even after a whole year of living with it and I’m so pleased that we took the plunge!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I definitely envy your kitchen. I LOVE white kitchens and glass door cabinets!!