Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Envy My Find.... and my health!

Hey Guys!!! Today's find is something that is sure to get you thinking about your health and how you can better it!!! I for one am always looking for something natural that will give my body the nutrients it needs and with this product I have found just that!!! Its called Super Sea Veg® and its just what I as a busy mom need to ensure I am keeping up on my health. The day ends and while I try to get as many fresh fruits and veggies as possible for my family sometimes I know we fall a short and this is where an extra source of nutrients such as Super Sea Veg® comes in.

Super Sea Veg® is the only dietary FOOD supplement that consists of a blend of twelve organic edible sea plants, chosen from over 10,000 species and harvested from pristine ocean waters around the world. Super Sea Veg® contains every element and nutrient known to man and MORE, in concentrated and balanced amounts, in 100% vegetable capsules, which by taking every day, will move your cells, blood and body toward superior biological health and homeostasis

• Promotes Healthier Skin• May lower cholesterol levels• Helps fight allergies• Helps relieve stomach disorders• Helps support liver functionality• Helps fight free radicals• Known to stabilize blood sugar• May inhibit blood clotting• Used to assist in weight loss• Believed to help lower cholesterol• Inhibits uptake of heavy metals• Used to remove toxins and heavy metals

So guys check it out and see how you can better your health with Super Sea Veg® .

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