Friday, December 31, 2010


I have to admit this month's cupcake original cake recipe was nixed halfway through the process. I wanted the cake to have an apple taste, so I made a scratch yellow cake and added apple pie spice. What I wound up with was a typical spice cake, not the flavor combination I was looking for. So after much deliberating, I decided to try another cake about a week ago. In that one I used a boxed yellow cake mix, and added applesauce and apple cider. The outcome was an apple cake that was moist and had a true apple taste, success!
I kept the same frosting and came up with a cute Halloween inspired idea. My inspiration for this one was Adam, and his favorite Halloween candy....candy corn. This decoration, is simple to make, and requires just a few extra minutes when frosting. So, check out the cupcake spotlight page for the full recipe and tips.

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