Saturday, August 14, 2010

Envy My Kitchen

This was our ugly kitchen before: now here is the after

Marshall's! And i love the distressed look!
These were purchased at Kirkland homes! They have my dad s funeral flowers in some of them so there kind of sentimental.( not sure you can see the flowers but there in there with the balls)

Here is my kitchen for this week. Brought to you by me- Jenny. When we first bought this house it was so gross. We re-modeled everything our selves! We still have a lot more on what i want to do with the kitchen and the rest of the house. So its still a work in progress. I painted the cabinets black and distressed them myself(with the help of my lovely sister). I love the way they turned out! There is nothing better than having a nice clean kitchen( at least for me) thanks for visiting my kitchen!

My Inspiration:
Here is one Kitchen i love. I love the glass on the Cabinets! So freaking cute. And of course the chandelier is to die for!

One day i will have a kitchen look similar to this that i could cook in!

Today my dad would of celebrated his 61st birthday! So i ll leave you with a little tip he always told me while he cooked( He was chef, an excellent one i might add, gourmet one!)
"Clean as you go" and i must say i do live by his quote. makes it easier and less of a mess to clean up after-wards

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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous kitchen, you did an amazing job! Someday I will have akitchen like that too. X-) Where did you get your table and chairs? They are beautiful as well...

  2. Katie- Thanks. I actually got them at Cortate Furniture on Higley and Warner. (i think) You need to check it out they have just about everything but they sell them for dirt cheap!

  3. This kitchen is so beautiful! I LOVE the bead board cabinets! I have never seen that before! Great job!

  4. Oh wow! This is a GORGEOUS kitchen! I do envy it!

  5. Awesome! Where did you find the Apple cider jar? I'm looking for something similar on the tops of my kitchen cabinets. Thanks. :)

  6. Your kitchen is gorgeous! I'm thinking about painting my cabinets. What type of paint did you end up using? Did you put on any top coat?

  7. Chris- Its Lincoln cottage black from lowes- in the satin finish. I love this black and use it a lot

  8. Mamaminna- I found the apple cider jar at marshalls

  9. what a great makeover! It's amazing what some paint can do! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!