Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Breakfast 4 dinner

Hubby and the boys love to go camping. I think the main reason is that the food tastes so much better outside and they love to cook over a campfire. They have several cast iron Dutch Ovens to use and hubby is always coming up with a new thing to fix in them. One of the oldie but goody's he does is called "Mountain Man". Now, he didn't invent that, so I stole the idea from him and re-named it. It makes for a nice easy dinner during the week!

After I cook some cut up red potatoes in a little butter and olive oil in my dutch oven , I add in some cut up breakfast sausages and green onion. Sometimes I have mushrooms, sometimes bell pepper.

Leftover veggies are great in scrambled eggs!

Then I push that mixture to the side and add in my well-beaten eggs. For six of us I did 14 eggs!

When the eggs appear to be setting up somewhat, I stir them into the potato mix and just keep stirring now and then til they are set all the way. I like my eggs a little soft, and the cast iron will keep cooking them a minute or so after you take it off the heat.

I put a 1/2 cup or more of shredded cheese on top and cover them while I set out plates and pull biscuits from the oven. When I make this with bacon, people come hang around the kitchen asking when's dinner...


These are the Monkey biscuits I make - I cut each canned (or frozen and thawed) biscuit into fourths and roll them in cinnamon sugar. Then drizzle with a third a stick of melted butter and bake til browned.

So, do you ever make breakfast for dinner?

Posted by Gina


  1. I love breakfast for dinner. Normally, I fix hashbrowns or a fritta with vegetables. Delicious!

  2. We call it Brinner...love it! Hash is one of my faves!