Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Envy my Find

This week's "envy my find" is brought to you by me...Jenny!

My good friend Shelbie from "Lovely again" Made a version of the wall clock seen on Pottery barn s web site for me.

(picture from

She did a really good job if you ask me! I actually like hers alot better. I love that her numbers are not as dark! And i love the border she put around it!
Now i just need to hang it and get a bigger table to put under it but that will take some time!

Shelbie is amazing at restoring furniture and bringing it back to life!
Please go check out her site HERE! Become a follower of her to stay tuned on what projects she has coming up!
She is also starting to sell these clocks. So if you would like one please contact her at!

I love my new big clock! Thanks Shelbie!

What do you guys think? Should i hang it or leave it how it is right now?