Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Envy my Find

Thank you so much to Envy My Cooking for inviting me here today.

I'm Sarah from Modern Country Style. We've recently renovated our Master Bedroom and are just finishing it off with the right accessories.

Our bedside table was a toughie. It was one of those pieces of furniture that I had such an exact picture of what I wanted that it was never going to materialise without a bit of magic. Do you know what I mean?

It had to match what I already loved in the room. Not matchy-matchy (I didn't want mahogany, for example; I thought that would look to 'heavy' and formal) but it had to be part of the attic-chic look.

So....I started off with one similar to this:

I loved the design - ticks all the boxes - but obviously not the pine colour.

Pine and mahogany TOGETHER?

Big N.O..

I decided to bite the bullet and get the paint brushes out!

It needed stripping to get the waxed finish off - this was just a case of brushing the stripper on and then wiping off after ten minutes - sanding and priming (leave to dry...) and sanding and painting (leave to dry...) and sanding and painting on the final coat.

Not rocket science but I think it's the thinking up of the idea that counts.... :-)

The sanding between coats is so important. It makes a huge difference to the quality of the end finish.

No little bumps.

What a palaver! But it gave me JUST what I was looking for. We used Farrow and Ball Pigeon, which I LOVE!


The quality of Farrow and Ball paint colours is incredible. Deep and intense yet chalky and subtle.


Do you like the industrial feel to the new handles?

We took the old ones off and screwed these ones on in their place, after filling in the old holes, before we painted.

I love the roomy drawers: perfect for all my magazines and books and hair clips and letters..... oh, and Mr Modern Country has part of one drawer.

He doesn't have many hair clips, you see...

All that faffing about with paintbrushes was worth it in the end.


Come on over and join me at Modern Country Style, which is all about renovating our English Edwardian home in the Cotswolds, inspiring interior design and creating gorgeousness. As you may have guessed from the subtle hint in my blog title, I love Modern Country Style. Gorgeous, pared-back interiors infused with the warmth of Country: gentle greys, accents of red and a hint of soft industrial. YUM!