Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Envy my Find

Today's Envy my find.. Is something that i should of bought a long time ago. You see having a stubborn 3 yr old who hates to eat can be tough. That is until we received these Disney character plates from Zac design!. Oh my goodness what a difference it makes. She loves eating on her princess plate! We have the princess place mat, princess spoon/fork, princess sippy cup...princess everything. Meal time has really been so much easier and quite fun for her too!

I am in LOVE...In LOVE with these plates.. Seriously like in LOVE. If you have yet to get one of these for your child.. than please do. They will make your life easier. I can promise you that. They come in just about every character!

Check out Zac Designs..Iam so glad i found them! They actually sell them in a lot of stores.. like target, walmart, toys r us.. Check more of that our here!! Let us know if you end up buying one and how your little kiddos like it!!

Also come see more of envymycooking here! we have been posting recipes.. along with finding recipes of our own to cook!

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