Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Envy my find

I'm Korrie from Red Hen Home. Why "Red Hen," you ask?? Well, my husband thinks I have a bit of a "little red hen" complex (you remember the story, where the little red hen had to do all the work??)...and I can't say that I disagree with him! Let's just say that with six home-schooled kids, there is always plenty of work to keep me busy!

Refinishing furniture is what I do for ME! Believe it or not, it is my escape. So if I'm not in the kitchen...or the laundry can probably find me in the garage! I am *trying* to clear out some space before the snow flies, though!

Here's one of my latest projects. When I first saw this desk at a local thrift shop, it was $30...and I walked past it. The next week, though, it was $15, and it had to come home with me! I updated it with gray paint, a black glaze, and all-new oil-rubbed-bronze bin pulls. The chair was purchased at a different time and place, but I thought the curvy detail on the back matched the curvy detail on the desk top so nicely that I painted it to match.

Hope you'll come visit me and see some of my other projects soon!

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