Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Envy My Find - Retro Patio Chairs!

Hello, I'm AmberLou and I have a blog called The Paisley Cupcake
with my Momma and two great friends.
I love these old style metal patio chairs, and have
been looking for some for forever!

Guess where I found them?

In my mother-in-law's garage!

And she let me have them!
(Yes, HAVE! As in free!)

I was very very excited, because although they have a little rust and are painted a lovely primer grey, they have zero dents, and are in {amazing} shape for their age!

I stripped off the grey paint...
then some red paint...
and under that I found blue paint!

the chair on the right has been stripped and sanded down to the metal...
just a tiny bit of rust on the seat!

A few coats of primer and some Krylon spray paint, and these
puppies are ready for my {imaginary} patio! (I need a patio...)

Love these ladies! (Of course these chairs are female!)

Hope you're not too envious... :D


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  1. I'm in desperate need of patio chairs. I think this is just want I need, find some old chairs and spice them up. I likey :)