Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Envy my find

Hi, I'm Susan from Maple and Magnolia. Thanks for inviting me to share my "envy my find" but I think it is more like "envy my thrifty cool tip."

There is nothing prettier than a collection of plates hanging on the wall. It’s such an easy way to add charm to any room in the house.

The only problem for me with hanging plates is the horrible plate hangers. They make that awful nails-on-a-chalkboard sound as they sccrrrrraaaaaappppeeee across the edge of the plate. Or the spring stretches so tight if you let go you’ll shoot your eye out or break a finger!

That’s when I stumbled onto a super-easy, super-thrifty alternative to plate hangers. Buy a package of sawtooth picture hangers. You get a ton in a package for next to nothing. Then put it on the back of the plate and hot glue it in place. Done. This is how I now hang all of my plates and platters. Plate hangers for pennies. Love it.
Susan Haskins
Restyled furniture and accessories for your home.


  1. What a great idea!Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your idea! I used pop tops off of coke cans and glue them on too!