Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This weeks envy my find.....

Okay so I have like a few antique furniture pieces that have been passed down to me from Denmark. When we came to the states back in '97, my parents loaded up a huge "Evergreen" container with all our belongings to bring over from there. When my parents divorced I got a lot of the old furniture since I have ALWAYS loved antiques ever since I was a little girl. ( I got this from my Mother). And this is one of them. My great grandmothers old chair with no seat. My parents always wanted to fix it up but never got around to It, and so I saved it from being trashed. Therefore it is my "Find". For the longest time I have been thinking what color to do it. So, after some web research I found a color. And now I LOVE IT! Anyhow, here is my first attempt to paint and "Antique" a piece of furniture, and I am IN LOVE....for real! I love this color and the antiquing/glazing was so easy! And so little. Then I was off to Joann's with a coupon in hand to find the right fabric for the seat. Of course I had to put my husband to work to make me a seat out of some old scraps of plywood. Thank you Brett! And VOILA! My NEW CHAIR! And it's such a special thought to think my great grandma used to sit here.......

Now all my other handmedown furniture & antiques ( 100 yr old headboard that used to be in a Danish castle, 1920's Pfaff sewing machine & my entry furniture) won't seem as intimidating for me to do anymore :-)

So...your "Envy My Find" might be something that has been around... for Ages... take a look around and find your own treasure!



  1. Just beautiful! I love the color and the fabric that you picked out. What a great piece for you with so many memories!

  2. Thanks Michelle:-) I love your blog by the way! click on the link above and check out my blog to take a closer look at my blue chair:-)


  3. Totally caught my chic!