Friday, September 17, 2010

Envy My Kitchen

Isn't it a little nerve racking when you have an image in your head and are not sure if you can recreate that image. That s how i felt about my kitchen! But i do think i came pretty close to that image!

Hi my name is Michelle and welcome to my kitchen! I really liked my kitchen before, it was very beachy and bright and fun, but I just wanted something a little more calm and soothing and have been eye-balling so many wonderful inspirations from all the great blog and blogger's! I still have a lot of my beach items that have special meaning to me and I am still finishing up on some details, like pillows and rugs.
If you enjoyed visiting my kitchen, leave a comment don't be afraid!

Posted by: Michelle G. Come check out my site

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Vintage Revivals! I love your blog and I love your kitchen! I am off to see if I can find something for dinner....

    love your guts

  2. way way cute!!! and i love how original it is too!

  3. Thank you for featuring me, I really appreciate it and I had a great time!

  4. i'm glad you found my blog! i'd love to be featured. my cooking is a little bit different than most because it is 100% gluten-free (but 100% good, i know, otherwise my husband wouldn't eat it!). i'm still pretty new to blogging, so posting all the time is kinda hard for me, but i'm getting better. new recipes are on their way!

    p.s. i love your blog!

  5. I really like your blog, and definitely will be looking up for recipes...Thanks for visiting, otherwise wouldn't have find you!

  6. Wow! What a neat blog! I absolutely love how organized and user friendly it is. And all the yummy recipes, it was all I could do to not drool all over my computer! What an awesome collection. Following now and will certainly be back. Thanks for stopping at While He Was Napping!