Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Envy My Find

I had been on the hunt for a sewing table for awhile now. I usually sew at my dining table but it makes such a mess and hubby and I don't like pushing all my crap aside so we can eat! I had searched on craigslist and then decided goodwill was the way to go. On my first trip I got a cute lil sewing table with no machine for $13. Then, the week after I was told it was 50% off Sat. so Mom and I went to a few different goodwill's and found a real prize! I got this table for $20! And YES, that includes the machine and all the notions and manuals and extra accessories that were in the drawers! So I decided to fix it up a little to fit into my decor better.

Posted by Kelly Swaggs

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  1. What a beautiful sewing table... I have been seeing those around lately in thrift stores and the Good Will... Your looks amazing! I DO Envy your Find.

  2. Just found your blog. Love it! I am sure I will be stopping by again very soon!

  3. I have something like that sitting on my driveway. Told my mom I was going to trash it since we are moving, she said that was stupid. Now that I have seen yours I know my mom was right (again).
    Mine is a complete unit, with storage in the whoe thing, and it has wheels. Thanks for inspiring me.

    Brett in Las Vegas